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Seeking alternatives to the usual trick-or-treat fare
  • nancyburnett October 2010

    Every year, I try to think of healthy alternatives to the usual bowl of commercial candy we offer trick-or-treaters—yet I don't want to offer something that kids will think is "boring" or "weird." Halloween is supposed to have FUN treats. Can anyone suggest such an alternative, ideally something that will support local business?

  • nomad October 2010

    thinking...the first thing that came to mind as something different was a woman who makes 'pops' out of marshmallows and decorates them for the seasons. Not ideal because you still have the unhealthy marshmallow as a base but they are cute & everyone loved them last winter (i won a couple at an event & then bought a few more). It may be too cute for the older kids though.

  • jenhoff October 2010

    Not a local food but Chex mix in snack bags offer a savory break from the sugar rush. Kids often choose them over offered candy. I've also offered a dish of loose change as an alternative to candy--sometimes side by side. I'd give kids 3-4 coins, usually less than 30 cents. Very exciting to children

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