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Massachusetts Local Food Community is a discussion forum where members can share information, discuss interests and concerns, offer farming and gardening tips, share recipes—basically engage in any exchange that pertains to our common interest in local food.

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Great Idea!
  • JaneM October 2010

    Just wanted to say that I'm excited about this feature - you guys are terrific!

  • nancyburnett October 2010

    Thanks, Jane - the Board of Directors is excited about this feature too, and we're extremely pleased that we can offer it to MLF members! Hopefully it will become a great resource for everyone. ~ N.

  • donnadex October 2010

    This is an absolutely great idea!! Kudos to you all!

  • snickers October 2010

    I appreciate very much that the people on the Board of Directors, and others, had the foresight, dedication and perseverance to make not only this feature on the MLF website available, but the Mass Local Food Coop itself a reality. Thank you very much.

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