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MLF meat question
  • rlsonn October 2010

    Hi folks, I have a question to put out there. I love getting local meat from the food co-op, but I've yet to solve the problem of the size of the cuts that I receive. I only need 1 pound of meat at a time, but most of the meat come in 4+ pounds. As it is frozen, once I defrost it, I can't freeze it again and need to use all 4+ pounds. Has anyone else come across this and if so have you come up with a solution?

  • kerrie1 October 2010

    Hello, I'm Kerrie Hertel and I hope I can help with your question. Often, there is a range of sizes of many cuts of meat and, when you order, you can request the smallest possible size. Some roasts are just large because they are (like the top round and bottom round), but there are many cuts of meat that are smaller. Shank makes a great pot roast, sometimes eye of the round is on the smaller size if you are looking for roast beef. Many steaks are smaller than one pound and most of the ground meat is packaged in 1 pound packages (even if it is sold in larger quantities -- you want to check with the producer that you order from).

  • jmac53 November 2010

    Hi there,
    I had a similar situation with flank steak which I love, but the ones that I bought are over 2 pounds and there are just two of us. I cut it in half, cooked half of it for our dinner (and leftovers) and then briefly stir fried the other half. After it cooled, I re-froze it to use in the future for fajitas etc. Obviously you can do the same thing with other cuts of meat but I think it's best suited for the flank, ground and stew beef.

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