Business and Legal

Business and Legal

Massachusetts Local Food Cooperative is a cooperative corporation. As such, we adopted a business model by which all members have equal ownership of the cooperative and are required to participate in the long-term management and operation of it.

Because of this business model, and because we currently rely entirely on volunteers for our operation, most people assume we are a nonprofit organization. By virtue of being a cooperative, however, we are considered a for-profit business by the state of Massachusetts.

For more information, feel free to peruse our Bylaws. If you would like to see our Articles of Incorporation, simply send your request to Kelley O’Connor.

News and Alerts (Feb/Mar)

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day locally
Mass Local Food producers have all you need for corned beef and tasty leftovers. Check out the Shop page for suggestions.

Welcome University of Massachusetts Medical School
The latest Mass Local Food pick-up site in Worcester opens this month.

A local gift that keeps on giving
For that special locavore, how about a gift certificate for membership in Mass Local Food? You can find gift certificates on your order form. We will include the certificate with your order and the cost will be added to your invoice.